Can I customize my Freat Menu ?

The complete list of fruits are present in the Product description. In case you are specific with any fruits, you can select your Freat type accordingly. Yet currently you cannot customize your daily Freat menu.


How can I change my address?

Just call/message/WhatsApp at the contact provided +91 91523 13140


How can I change my Freat delivery timings?

Just call/message/WhatsApp at the contact provided+91 91523 13140


Can I get my Freat at my residential address if I am not available at my office address?

Yes sure, only provided the address is within our area of delivery.


What will happen if I cancel my order in-between my subscription period?

We would refund you the remaining amount. The amount refunded would be equally to the remaining days multiplied by the daily cost of your Freat box.


What would happen for a wrong order placement or wrong payment?

Contact us via call/message, we would revert back your payment.