About Us

Amongst the mountains of samosas, dhoklas, oily sandwiches, and chaats, how we crave for something fresh and nutritious like a serving of fruits to fill our stomachs. A small snack without the big trail of guilt of all the calories. However, even if we find a stall of cut fruits, do we really want to eat that unhygienic, stale, covered with vehicle exhaust, and garnished with flies plate of fruit?
The co-founders, IIT-Delhi alumni - soldiers in bad shape, realized the challenges we face at work to find one healthy option to eat. The duo strives to bring to the corporate world, a freshly cut plate of delicious fruits, as per your health preference and goals, on the days and at the time been specified, right to your desks. FREAT comes to your rescue, and cater to your daily requirements of essentials nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibers at your convenience.