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Ingredients Pomegranate, Malta, Kiwi, Pineapple, Apple, Pear, Red Grapes, Dragon Fruit, Fig, Strawberry and lot more

Bored with the same regular fruits. For fruits, there is nothing as bad fruit, so all it matters is taste. This menu is specifically designed to blend the right mix of fruits to provide all new excitement.

We promise we would bring you every seasonal fruits available in the market.

Please note that you will get 4-5 fruits at once in a daily package, additional fruits might also be added

Where do you ship to?

We ship to offices and residences within South Mumbai areas.


When does my order ship?

We ship each days' box within the time assigned. Shipping of your first box will start from the next day of your subscription order.


How much does shipping cost?

Currently, we do not charge any shipping cost on any of our subscription packages. If you are requesting a sample box a shipping cost of Rs. 40 will be charged.


Which carrier do you use to send the box?

Our in-house delivery fleet will deliver the box to your door.


Can you have the delivery person leave my package at a specific place in my office when I am not there to receive?

A safe bet is to put this type of instruction in the “Note” field on the checkout page.


How long does delivery take?

Your Subscription Box will be delivered to you within the time you have opted for.


Are you able to guarantee delivery timings?

We get your boxes to you as per your opted time range, but from time to time, there are can be delayed due to inclement weather or maintenance that are outside of our control. 


I dig most of the fruits in my box, but there are one or two fruit varieties that I don’t want – can I opt to not receive them further?

Yes, you can!. The Great Team took care in curating the box, and our mission is to exceed your expectations, but sometimes tastes vary. Just WhatsApp us on 9152313140.


How long does it take to process a cancellation?

It takes 5 minutes just WhatsApp us on 9152313140.

Your feedback is very much appreciated. Please contact us with your comments or concerns at contact@freat.in.


What if I received a box with the bad condition?

Send a WhatsApp message with the product image. we’ll take care of you right away.