Welcome corporate warrior!

Corporate Warrior

You believe you are the only one worried about the pants getting uncomfortable? Constantly feeling fatigue and lethargy? Dull skin and waning eyesight have replaced what used to be a healthy, vigorous individual? Recent blood test results invoke despair? Approaching wedding/party/reunion make you feel inadequate because you desperately want to go few kilos down?

This is a war, every corporate soldier is fighting. It’s not uncommon to see people putting on layers on their stomachs within few years of joining the corporate force.

Corporate lifestyle, where we sit in a chair of hours, eating whatever we can get our hands on, at whatever time, and left with no energy by the end of the day for a physical workout, has left almost the entire working population in a bad shape and health.

"The biggest hindrance to healthy eating at the workplace is us, we ourselves," says Rujuta Diwekar, the best-selling author of Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight, β€œpeople spend hours on planning what to wear to work but not what they would eat”.

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